So, what is “GatHER’ all about??

GatHER began in 2016 as a prayer, as a desire, as a dream in the heart of one. Well, so she thought, until this one reached out to another friends who felt the same in their heart and together knew that there “must be more”.  We know that not only do we need Jesus, but we also need one another. Women are created in such a way that we thrive in the context of community, in our very nature we are nurturers, gifted in so many ways to build relationships of all kinds!

GatHER is all about building a community of women who are passionate about relationship with Jesus and with one another.

In this community, we are free to be real in our struggles, real in our successes, real with one another! We find here, relationship rather than religion. And who doesn’t need another for real friend?   We certainly did and we certainly do!

GatHER exsists to allow women to experience Jesus in a real way. We seek women to come as they are – in their brokenness and allow Jesus to become their adequacy. GatHER is a place where we don’t have to come “put together” – it is a place where we come and say “put me together”.

Our desire is that every women would know and understand the love of God through Jesus and that we can experience His presence and love in a tangible way here and now, you don’t have to wait!! And that through that experience women would be so compelled to share that love with others, a continuum of love… women reaching women reaching women! All for the Glory of God!

So, we hope that you will join us on this journey! YOU are invited, you are needed, you are valued, you make a difference and we would be so honored to GatHER with you!